Email Newsletters I like

As someone who has never really gotten used to an algorithmic feed (not on Facebook or Instagram or Flipboard or Pocket; rarely on Twitter; never logged in to Google or Chrome), I’ve always liked my RSS feed of blogs and sites, now grown and pruned over nearly fifteen years, and, over the past five or so years, email newsletters.

Newsletters and RSS feeds are great for Sunday-afternoon browsing and bookmarking to Instapaper, and I will then (hope to) read them over the week on the iPad, or on the Kindle, where my Instapaper account sends a daily digest. What a fantastic toolset of apps and devices we have.

Here are some of my favourite newsletters:


Exponential View (Azeem Azhar; weekly): a “Weekly Wondermissive [on] Future, Tech & Society”. Lots of focus on AI and cleantech.

1confirmation (fortnightly): a fund’s newsletter. Blockchain and allied topics

VeradiVerdict (Paul Veradittakit; weekly): Blockchain and allied topics)

a16z monthly (Andreessen Horowitz; monthly): the fund’s newsletter. Broad range of software topics

The Amazon Chronicles (Tim Carmody; weekly): All things Amazon. Currrently on hiatus because of Tim’s shoulder problems.

Charged (Owen Williams; weekly): consumer tech


Morning Brew (daily)

CB Insights (Anand Samwal and others; daily)


The Newsbury (fellow IIMK alumna Binal Doshi; weekdays): a fantastic roundup of India happenings.

Recomendo (Kevin Kelly and others; weekly): “6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff”

NextDraft (Dave Pell): “The day’s moste fascinating news”

Roden Explorers (Craig Mod; occasional): personal explorations; topicless