Android in the Indian mobile market

This is what’s happening:

It was not long ago that Nokia held over 70% of the Indian market. That market is now larger but the share for Nokia has dropped by half at least. The share was not lost to Samsung but to 63 new entrants. They managed to capture 40% of the market, roughly equal to what Nokia lost. These new vendors will launch Android phones next year or the year after that.

From an IDC article (which the above post links to):

The number of handsets shipped in the country during the year is forecast to be 156 million, including nearly 6 million smartphones.

Android gained acceptance in India as a mobile OS, with 9.4 percent of smartphones shipped in the third quarter based on Android (this is almost 600,000 Android phones in the country).

The number of models with Android OS also increased to 19 in the third quarter, up from just two models in the same quarter last year.

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