How should an electric car sound?

A debate I bet no one thought we’d be having. Here’s the problem:

Electric cars that use 100% electric motive power generate very little noise of their own–which is a good thing, as noise constitutes wasted energy. But lawmakers and road-safety advocates are concerned that e-vehicles will thus pose a danger to pedestrians and other road users, used to checking for the sound of an oncoming vehicle before crossing the road…

Also for high-performance electric sports cars like the Tesla Roadster, the experience isn’t complete without the growl. So you can customize the engine sound a la cellphone ringtones:

The tuning house [Brabus] is seeking to give the Tesla a more exciting, albeit completely faked, running sound with electronically produced effects. Owners will be able to set their Tesla to make noises approximating a V-8 engine, a racecar engine, or “two futuristic soundscapes.” Those last two effects are named “Beam” and “Warp,”

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