24h Berlin – live, non-stop film experiment

80 camera crews filmed vignettes of life in Berlin non-stop for 24 hours in September 2008, ending up with 750 hours of material. On September 5th 2009, the film was broadcast on TV channels in Europe, and streamed online.

The documentary features highly varied scenes as the film dips into several milieus in the city. Viewers can watch the editor-in-chief of Europe’s top selling daily, Bild’s Kai Diekmann, as he does his morning analysis of the previous day’s paper or they can accompany Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit as he attends a pro-education event in the Kreuzberg district.

Also featured are a garbage collector, a teacher, a drug addict, a child, among others. This website has 24 film clips, one for each hour of the day in Berlin.

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