Lotus Notes 7 is out!

Ok – Lotus Notes 7 has finally been released, and – I’m SO glad to be an IBMer – I’ve already got it installed on my ThinkPad! It’s SO thrilling to be able to try out all of the cool features I’ve been reading for so long on Alan Lepofsky’s blog! I’m exploring R7 all I can as I write this – just finished migrating all my local databases to the latest templates. Expect a few R7-related posts in the days to come!

It’s indicative of the kind of excitement surrounding Notes/Domino: everyone’s known of R7’s new features for quite a while now, and is already – within less than a week of the release – looking forward to Hannover! I don’t want to hear “Notes is dead” ONE more time now! ‘Nuff said!

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