The News & Blogs Account Type in Mozilla Thunderbird

Having raved before about Sage, the RSS Feed Aggregator extension for
Firefox, I have now discovered something better – the News and Blogs
account type within Mozilla Thunderbird!

I’ve just begun to use Thunderbird for my Gmail and
accounts (I needed access to my emails often while disconnected), so I
decided to check this (News and Blogs) feature out too. Well, the
interface is very good indeed. You view each blog/newsfeed as a separate
“folder” within the account. Each blog entry appears as an email.
Depending on the feed itself, viewing the blog post “email” will either
display a plain-Jane HTML version of the post, or will load the web page
itself. I’ve begun using this yesterday, and I’m thrilled already!

This is better than Sage since the email analogy’s better than the
“newspaper” layout display in Sage. Also, the capability of offline
viewing. Finally (related to the first point) , I use Thunderbird often
for “reading” emails. Similarly, I “read” blog posts the exact same way
I’d read emails.

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