“The” resource site for Linux on the ThinkPad.

Here it is: ThinkWiki.org. You will be astounded at the richness of information there is on this website. And model-specific data, to boot! And as if to prove that the authors are true-blue hackers (as if the very existence of the website wasn’t enough!), there are articles not only on achieving the same functionality on Linux as on Windows, but also taking things ahead! For instance, this article here on changing the boot-up BIOS screen to a picture of Tux the penguin! How’s that for true hackery!

I have had a look, this weekend, at a lot of the custom-built tools for the TP that IBM‘s been building for Windows. I aim to enable the full functionality of these tools on Linux (I have Fedora Core 3 installed here), and plan to document the whole effort (given enough time, of course.) I predict that a lot of the information I’ll need will be here at ThinkWiki. Watch this space!

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