Update: The Beagle issue.

My problem with beagle‘s been fixed. And with help from none other that Joe Shaw and Jon Trowbridge of Novell, the developers of Beagle! Thrilled to hear from them!

The issue was pretty simple, actually, and mostly my fault. Just a simple case of dbus’ environment variables not being available to best. A simple export fixed all that. Beagle works supremely fine, and I use it simply all the time!

Here are Joe’s and Jon’s replies:

Hi Rahul,

I'm Joe Shaw, one of the Beagle developers, and I came across your blogentry on Beagle.

The command "eval `dbus-launch --auto-syntax`" command sets up someenvironment variables which direct beagled and best how to contact thedbus session daemon.  The problem you're seeing is that since you'rerunning beagled in the same terminal as the dbus-launch command, it hasthose variables, but best (which you must be running from anotherterminal) doesn't.

The easiest thing to do would be to run "set | grep DBUS" and thenexport those environment variables in the terminal from which you runbest.  Alternatively, you can use .xim to run dbus-launch as part ofyour X session, which means that all programs and terminals will havethe environment variable set.  There should be instructions on how to dothat for SUSE on the beagle wiki (http://beaglewiki.org).

Hope this helps,Joe

Hey Rahul,

I saw your blog post about having problems with beagle... I think theproblem is that since you are running d-bus by hand, the d-bus-relatedenvironment variables only get set in that terminal.

Your best bet is to start the d-bus session bus along with your Xsession.  For more information, see:http://beaglewiki.org/index.php/Starting%20a%20D-BUS%20Session%20Bus

Good luck,-J