Bombay real estate is nuts. People in my teams over the last ten years have commuted (and do) from Panvel, Kalamboli near the start of the Poona Expressway, and beyond Mira Road. I’m not sure how sustainable startup work + this sort of travel is going to be for them health and quality-of-life wise. And if apartments in Malad and Chembur are going to cost this much, they aren’t going to be able to move to the ‘city’ for years yet.

From the article:

(the Kandivali apartments) are android-enabled, letting you control the coffee maker to the fan, Aarambh in Malad comes with a mezzanine loft that can double up as a study while some of the bedrooms in Chembur Central rest on a platform with a pull-out bed underneath. Swish interiors, pretty tiles, wooden flooring, and modern bath fittings add to the appeal.

Somehow this is incredibly saddening.

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