It’s okay getting help

Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures:

There is a lot of stigma around getting help, in particular around getting psychological help.  Like, what’s wrong with me that I need this, or why can’t I just deal with this on my own, or with my friends, or with diet and exercise.   It took me a while to take the plunge and get help for the things I needed help with…

… it would be ridiculous to expect anyone who wants to excel at anything to do it all alone — the Patriots don’t coach themselves, and Roger Federer doesn’t go it alone either. In those cases, it’s so obvious that help is good and necessary, and that’s true for your mind, your health, your finances, etc.

We shouldn't judge seeking help even as we get better at managing these aspects of our lives. Our education leaves us woefully underprepared for actually dealing with life, and societal conditioning, with its emphasis on individuality, independence, assertiveness and achievement, is pernicious.

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