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Something to read

This is a goldmine. @somethingtoread is a Twitter stream for “a hand-picked selection of the finest articles and essays saved with Instapaper.” Follow immediately.

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You know what’s common among the “How I Work”s of  Jason Fried or Matt Mullenweg or anyone who’s building ‘cool’ software today? Take Fried, for instance: Of the 16 people at the company, eight of us live here in Chicago. … Continue reading

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Pipe, Platform, Application

Some great ideas for operators to better utilize (and monetize) their assets: expose users’ location data, expose their social graph, building micro-payment systems that make sense, become verified ID providers. Just reading the article will set your head abuzz. These … Continue reading

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Mum’s the (online) word

Speaking of threats to freedoms from government, the “Information Technology (Electronic Service Delivery) Rules, 2011” describe what content may not be published online, in terms so vague that anything could be considered to be in violation of these rules. Medianama … Continue reading

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The freedom to sell

Every so often comes a reminder that government over-reach and license raj is still very much alive. Last week, BookMyShow was instructed by the Andhra Pradesh state government to stop selling tickets online because it (the government) had ‘passed an … Continue reading

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In the past two months, I’ve read 37signals’ ‘Getting Real‘ and (re)read Tim Ferriss’ ‘The Four Hour Work Week‘. The overarching takeaway, seems to be the fanatical application of the Pareto principle. A variant of 80-20, much easier to apply … Continue reading

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Discovered in the last 24 hours: “The best long-form stories on the web“, and from the May issue of The Atlantic, “Nearly 100 fantastic pieces of journalism“.

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My reading workflow on the iPhone

Instapaper for iPhone is a simple concept, but simply beautifully executed. It is a joy to use. It is where I spend most of my reading time on the iPhone. So it made sense to think about how I use … Continue reading

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Always tinker

I learnt recently that even when all indications are that your business (or life. or city. or whatever) is running fine, something could be wrong – in plain view – that those indicators can’t tell you. The only way to … Continue reading

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Groupon writes great copy. How great? This great

From “Groupon and the value of copywriting” Here’s an excerpt from a recent Groupon I received for a deal on a dentist: The Tooth Fairy is a burglarizing fetishist specializing in black-market ivory trade, and she must be stopped. Today’s … Continue reading

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