Why would-be-entrepreneurs don’t join startups

Ritesh Banglani zeroes in with incredible accuracy on why entrepreneurs-in-waiting don’t join startups. After all, working at a startup is only a step away from having your own firm… not.
The answer, I think, lies in understanding the differing motivations of young risk seekers in India and in the west. In my experience, young entrepreneurs in India don’t start companies to get rich – the financial motivation is very much secondary to the desire to work for oneself. This means stock options – the primary means of motivating people at startups – are almost worthless to the would-be Indian startup employee. If I have to work for someone else, the reasoning goes, I might as well continue working at Infosys.
That is as accurate a description of an entrepreneur’s mind as I have heard. First-hand and second-hand experience.
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  1. Narayan says:

    I agree with you. However, I want to add that if the start up is based on an opportunity and positioned right, start-ups can hire talents who love more freedom and empowerment. Ultimately, a start up should start first with an employee leverage model than a capital leverage model.

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