Articles on South Korea’s Broadband penetration.

I’ve set out to read up on as much as I can on the immense penetration (and hence usage) of broadband internet in South Korea, which Wired Magazine had dubbed “The Bandwidth Capital of the World” a couple of years ago. Even though I can just look and wish we in India’d pull up our socks and get that kind of (or even better) infrastructure here. Anyways, I’ll leave wishful thinking for another day, and list what I’ve been reading:

Om Malik: How South Korea got its Broadband Mojo
Om Malik: 200 KBPS is Not Broadband
Om Malik: Broadband? What broadband?
ZDNet: Broadband: Lessons from South Korea
Wired: The Bandwidth Capital of the World
San Francisco Chronicle: The future is South Korea
CNet: South Korea’s house of the future Venture Capital in South Korea
The Standard: Online Social Network Scores Hit in South Korea
Newsofttechnology: South Korea Pushes Mobile Broadband

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