Google’s Corporate Philosophy

This page on Google, about the company’s corporate philosophy:

Google Corporate Information: Our Philosophy

Google’s philosophy centres around ten things the company has found to be true. Each of those ten points offers valuable advice for any business. Definitely worth reading.

A lot of companies probably need to pay more attention to two aspects of Google. One, their focus. As the page says: ” Google does search. Google does not do horoscopes, financial advice or chat. With the largest research group in the world focused exclusively on solving search problems, Google knows what it does well and how it could be done better”. It’s tempting for a company with the kind of talent and reputation that Google has, to branch off into new markets. But the company’s steadfastly refused to do anything of the sort. And that’s the reason for its phenomenal success. That’s how simple it is.

The other is the legendary way they keep their employees happy. By breeding a culture that’s radically different from anything else in corporate America, Google maintains a “geek-friendly” atmosphere throughout. This is a company that considers free food, soft drinks and haircuts as investments, not expenses. And that shows in the mind-boggling productivity their employees are famous for.

Finally, Google’s motto sums it all up. “Don’t Be Evil” and you’ll always do well!

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