Amazon Pay credit card

If there is one reason I like using it, it’s the simplicity of its rewards program.

The currency is Amazon Pay points; one point is one INR. You earn 5% on Amazon (Prime customer), 2% online and 1% offline (on a card swipe).

On the same day that your bill is due, Amazon credits your month’s rewards into your Amazon Pay balance, available immediately to use.

No calculation of rewards, no translation between currencies, no separate redemption process, no codes. It just works. Automatically.

Applying and receiving the card was also unlike any other. A panel on stating I was eligible. A simple page listing the rewards program. Mobile number + OTP, and boom. A card appears on-screen; you can toggle between card number and CVV (also a nice touch). And a one-screen process to set the two-factor code for Indian cards. This meant I could begin using it online days before the physical card actually arrived.

I’ve been told there are cards with better reward programs, but with me, simplicity will beat raw benefits every time.

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