New Twitter bot account: @rahulisreading

This Twitter bot now posts articles that I save to Instapaper.

It’s pretty simple to set up as an IFTTT workflow. Write one as follows: When a new item is added to your Instapaper queue (connect IFTTT to Instapaper), send out a tweet in a particular format (connect IFTTT to your particular Twitter account. Sadly, only one at a time).

I wish more people would do this – I want to know what people find interesting. In the old days of the Internet you could follow someone’s bookmarks on, but there hasn’t been something of the sort for years. Even if Twitter is a closed system, it’s made for mobile, and with the share sheet on iOS and Android you can add these articles to your own Instapaper/Pocket/bookmarks, share over email/message, whatever your workflow is.

What I really want is a way to publish to a personal RSS feed, so when people set it up I can follow them via my RSS client as well.

[EDIT May 2019: Twitter keeps locking the account for ‘suspicious activity, which I guess is when I save several articles to Instapaper in the span of a few seconds. That combined with the fact that I don’t actually ever log into the @rahulisreading account via the Twitter web, app or third-party client. It’s up now, though I’ve lost a fortnight’s worth of posts]