Robot Barista

Cafe X, by a Thiel Fellow. Robot operates multiple machines at once, takes customized orders via an iPad and makes a drink in 20 seconds.

Grinding, brewing and making your own coffee’s going to go the way of hand-written letters. A craft you pursue at home or with fellow enthusiasts for the joy of the process.

Outside of that, you’ll still pay a premium for the experience of a specialty coffee made by a highly skilled barista, in the same manner you’ll pay for a fine handmade leather bag. 

It looks like the inflection point for automation in everyday life is close. Self-driving cars. Delivery by drone. 3D printed items that previously required people operating tools to make. Automated fast food. Routine diagnosis & surgery by robots. Investment advisory & tax optimisation. All of these either exist commercially or will in the next couple years. 

(Via NexDraft)

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