Google Impatient

“Wouldn’t it be great, then, to start from scratch and design something based on the needs of today’s web applications and today’s users?”

– the Chrome Comic, Sep 08

In other words, if you can’t build it fast enough, we’ll do it ourselves.

Browsers are unstable and slow because of single-threaded javascript? We’ll build a new browser altogether. Windows/Mac OS too bloated for the folks that want to get on the web? We’ll build a new zippy laptop operating system that has just the web. Too hard to get your email, calendar, maps on your phone? We’ll build a mobile device that just works. Attaching docs and quoting from previous email seems inefficient? We’ll invent email all over again today. Website lookups slowing down your browsing? Use our DNS servers.

We can’t believe the web hasn’t changed given all the cheap bandwidth and online data.

No longer will constrain our applications to fit your web. If your web can’t run them, we’ll re-tool the web ourselves.

And strike distribution deals to get these tools in your hands. So you can get to our applications. Faster and more often.

Welcome to our new decade.

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