Vista isn’t great, Office 2007 is

Matt Kohut from the fantastic “Inside the Box” Lenovo blog talks about how Windows Vista actually lowered his productivity.

From the 3.5 hour installation, to driver problems, to losing 10GB of disk space to the OS and applications, to having to navigate more dialog boxes, to having lost an hour of battery life, Matt was not pleased with Vista.

Matt concludes,

The question that really needs to be answered is whether moving to Vista has made me more productive. If we exclude setup and install time, my answer (for now at least), is no. I’m able to get most of my work done, but I find myself waiting for the operating system too much.

But he still won’t switch back to Windows XP, though. Matt is far less equivocal about Office 2007:

On the other hand, I LOVE Office 2007. Upgrade as fast as you can. It works great, even accounting for the learning curve of the new interface.

Both of Matt’s Vista and Office 2007 experiences are perfectly in line with my own. I’m back to using Windows XP on both my Thinkpad and Thinkcenter. And yes, I adore Office 2007!

Passing thought about “waiting for the OS too much”: I used only Linux from 1999 to 2005, and I was struck by how both WindowMaker (a NeXTSTEP descendant) and IceWM made every effort to get out of my way and leave me to my applications! WM and IceWM are what I miss the most after switching back to Windows XP. Perhaps the UI folks at Microsoft could still earn a thing or two from these little-known window managers!

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