India’s Innovation: The Missed Call

Sambhar Mafia talks about the “missed call”.

A recent study notes that “Missed Call” is slightly unique to India. Apart from serving a purpose, it also helps in saving money. With cheap / free SMS and free incoming calls, I guess the utility of a missed call is much lower what it was earlier.

The Indian mobile user seems to have mastered the art of missed calls – and actually to communicate without answering the calls! While cellphone operators are reluctant to give the exact share of missed calls, according to industry estimates, it is somewhere around 20-25%.

Writes Nick Gray in a Moblog (mobile blog) — in India ‘missed calls’ were very popular, as a way to say, “I’m thinking about you” or “call me back.” I would often hear someone say, “I’ll send you a missed call when we get there – see you soon.”

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