Say hello to my Nokia 6670!

Here it is!

What can I say? This thing has *everything* in it! Except for an FM Radio, that is

Here’s the Nokia India product page. Here’s an extremely detailed review of the 6670 on MobileReview (for God’s sake, they’ve even taken it apart!) The Indian model, though, comes with a 64MB RS-MMC card as opposed to the 32MB that the site mentions.

The Nokia 7610 is the “lifestyle” version of the 6670. It costs a full Rs. 5000 more, and doesn’t offer a single extra feature other than (admittedly) very cool looks. MobileReview has noticed an interesting point about Nokia’s marketing strategy:

Nokia has manufactured similar products not once and that is due to the use of the same platform. Most often the differences concerned one or two functions and design. Nokia 7210 may be considered one of the first experiences, the model is extremely fashionable and then the release of business phone Nokia 6610. Except for the design the devices were as like as two peas in a pod. But the price for Nokia 7210 was always on a high level while 6610 got cheaper dynamically. They accounted on the fact that users who need functionality will choose the business model and those who like the design will pay extra for it. In principle the scheme was right and the company even applied it again for smartphones.

Will have more to say about this phone in future posts – for sure!