My Favourite Firefox Extensions

My Favourite Firefox Extensions:

All in One Mouse Gestures – Mouse Gesture Mappings for Back, Forward, Reload, Home, New Tab, New Window, Close Tab, Maximise, Minimise. Invaluable.

GMail Notifier
– Small button in your status bar which displays number of new messages in your inbox.

Paste and Go – Copy a URL, right-click in the address bar and select “Paste and Go”. Alternatively, select “Paste and Search” in the search bar. Saves the trouble of clicking on the “Go” button, or hitting Enter.

Extra Search Engines – Mycroft’s top 30 search engines. Select from drop-down list in the search bar.

Sage – Sage is a lightweight RSS/Atom feed manager and reader. Stores RSS links in a folder in Firefox’s bookmarks. Displays content from feeds in Newspaper-style 2-column format.

Scrapbook – Store entire web pages or selections locally while preserving them as HTML. Contrast this with saving as text, which removes the images and formatting, or as web pages, which means saving all the content on the page. Manage your scraps in folders, perform title searches or even full-text searches on them.

Nuke Anything
– Right-click any element or selection on a web page and select “Remove this Object”, or “Remove this Selection” to get rid of pesky ads and flash animations, or sidebars and text that doesn’t relate to the content you’re reading. Nuke Anything and Scrapbook form an excellent combination.

Reload Every – Reload a page every “N” seconds. Choose from predefined values of “N” or enter your own.

SessionSaver – Restore Firefox to exactly the state it was when you shut it. Windows, Tabs, their states. Customizable too. Opera’s had this feature for a while, now Firefox does too.

Do suggest ones that you use regularly, and I’ll post an update to this post. I’m sure these aren’t the only good extensions around, considering that MozillaUpdate has over 500 extensions to Firefox! Of course, when you nominate your favourite extension, do remember that they’ve got to be generally useful – that is, if they satisfy a very specific need, then they’re not exactly “useful” enough to be included.

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  1. AdblockRIP(Remove it Permenantely(oops!)) for removing adsFlashblock to block those pesky flash movies.CustomizegoogleFirefox rulz!

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