Windows “rapidly approaching desktop usability”!

The inimitable Rob Miller aka Roblimo, has a Windows XP review on Newsforge! If you’ve read the hundreds upon hundreds of reviews of Linux distributions over the years (I’ve been doing that since 1999), you’ll have noticed how everyone pays lip service to the fact that the Desktop is evolving so well, but then concluding that it’s *almost* usable, and that *if only* there were better hardware support, or better third-party software, then Linux could be a serious competitor to Windows. For now, the average user is better off with Windows, and that Linux is Not For You (TM).

Well, Roblimo turns the tables! As an average Linux user, he evaluates Windows XP home with SP2, and writes a critique of the pros and cons of the OE. Delightfully, he writes a review which is identical to the scores of Linux reviews we read about so often on OSNews and MadPenguin, but with the OSes reversed! What is supposed to suck with Linux also sucks with Windows – that’s evident!

This is an article which is tempting to brand as satire, but the funny part is that all of it is true! A must read!

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