The all-new look for’s blog!

Isn’t is great? Isn’t it cool? Isn’t it mind-blowingly attractive?

Yeah, it’s all of those – and more. Rahul Gaitonde (er, that’s me…) has just finished Part One of the Great Blog Redesign. And what do people think?

Friends and Peers: “Very good indeed. Very easy on the eyes; very readable. Great content too, of course.”

True friends: “What?! It sucks!”

Female Fans: “Choooo chweeet! Just like you! (Swoon).”

Mom and Dad: “You’ve been wasting time web-designing again? Why don’t you help around the house over the weekend?”

Business associates: “Great stuff, my lad. You have all the makings of a top-notch technology professional!”

The rest of the world? Well, let me know what you think! Once more, this site renders well on Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla. It would on Netscape too, if only they’d come out with an Xft build on Linux. I don’t care if it renders well on Internet Explorer or not. If it does, count yourself lucky. If it doesn’t, count yourself luckier – this is a perfect opportunity to go and grab Firefox or Mozilla. And enjoy a whole new Internet.