Scoble’s “book blog”.

This sure is interesting!

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel are working on a book on business blogging. Only, they’re working on the book via a blog! This means, drafts of every section of every chapter of the book will be put up, reviewed by the authors and sundry readers! This is one of those initiatives which gives me the “What the…?” moments!

For a better idea, here’s the first post:

Welcome to our book blogWelcome to our book blog. This is where Shel Israel and Robert Scoble will create a book. Really. An entire book will be done interactively right in front of you and WITH you. So, subscribe to the RSS feed here. Welcome.

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Where we came from

You might want to check out where we came from. We’ll be moving things in here today and setting up the furniture and all that. Making this new place a home. The two authors are Shel Israel (he has done a bunch of stuff with a bunch of Silicon Valley startups) and Robert Scoble (he is an evangelist at Microsoft). Our old Red Couch site is on MSN Spaces. Great place to blog, but couldn’t handle multiple authors, which this site needs.

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