Michael Crichton’s “Timeline”.

I finished reading Michael Crichton’s “Timeline” a couple of days ago. I can’t stop raving about it! This book probably ranks among the top 5 books I’ve read!

The premise of the story is so fantastic – the guy’s melded Quantum Physics and the Middle Ages in Europe – and he’s done a damn fine job! He’s also put in a lot of research into the topic. This is my first Crichton, but I’ve been told by a few of my friends that deep research is a Crichton hallmark.

This is a book that thrills every single page! It’s made me contemplate missing my dinner last Tuesday, and keeping me awake till 1:30 AM Wednesday and Thursday. Oh, and the climax is simply amazing! Totally absorbing. One point which a lot of thrillers sorely lack is closure. This book, though, doesn’t make that mistake. Nothing’s left hanging in the air. Ending it give you a nice, satisifed feeling.

A lot of my friends, even after grudingly acknowledging Crichton’s writing skills, have accused him of writing books for the sole purpose of getting them adapted into movies. I guess that stems from the unparalelled success of Jurassic Park and The Lost World. If he does, so be it. It makes the book more enrapturing.

Go read it! Of course, be prepared for a wretched drop in productivity!

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