IBM’s Linux Scholars Challenge

Here’s further proof of IBM’s true committment to Linux and the Open Source Movement – the IBM Linux Scholars Challenge.

The Linux scholar challenge is a wonderful win-win effort from IBM. It targets the “next generation” of developers while they’re still in University. Not to mention awareness about both Linux/OSS and IBM itself. China and India did particularly well – China had 7 winners in the Top 20; India had 4. Also, Anna University in Chennai won a 16-node Linux cluster for the maximum number of participants. Go India! All winners received an IBM Thinkpad each – with incentives like these, no wonder we get the kind of participation we do!

Contests like these demonstrate clearly where the next wave of talent is coming from. Talent is fine, but we need technological leadership as well, though, . We need to put in a lot of thought into how to leverage our brilliant minds for leadership in the technology industry.

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