GMail’s spam filter rocks!

I now get as much spam in my GMail inbox as I do with my Rediffmail account. I created the Rediff account in early 2001, and have used it liberally since, when filling out forms and the like. The GMail address has been subjected to the same kind of public display for the past year.

However, Rediff’s spam filter sucks. No matter how many times I click on “Report as Spam”, I get the same emails repeatedly from, among others, a very persistent lady who’s very impressed with my “size”, and a man who wants to sell me Rolex watches at hugely discounted prices, and approves house loans and my mortgages without me asking for them. I won’t even mention the other kinds I get – you’ve seen them too.

I get those same emails with my GMail account – except that they’ve all – without exception – landed up in the “Spam” folder. I have never had to “train” the filter, or create rules, or anything of the sort. Spam filtering “just works”. The filter’s never been overenthusiastic either – where well-intentioned emails have landed up in the Spam folder.

Yessir, GMail rocks!

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