XFce’s nifty graphical installer

XFce’s got a great new graphical installation method. A GTK2 front-end, it automates:

  • dependency checks,
  • configuration of multiple subcomponents,
  • the entire build process,
  • the actual installation.

Here’s the screenshot gallery:

Get the installer from here. The installer also helpfully defaults to installing XFce into your home directory hierarchy if the script isn’t running as root.

I wonder if there’s such a cool way to install GNOME. Some sort of a graphical front-end to GARNOME. This’d be able to present a nice configuration menu, a la “make gconfig” for the kernel, then use wget in the background to fetch needed packages from the Internet. This is something I’ve always wanted GARNOME to be able to do: download packages at one go before beginning the build, as opposed to fetching a package at a time, building/installing it, before getting the next one.

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